Promoció 2017-2018




Aquest curs la nostra auxiliar de conversa ha sigut  la Rikke, una noia danesa molt simpàtica i que ha deixat que els alumnes de sisè li fessin una entrevista per tal de conèixer més aspectes d’ella.


- What’s your name?  Rikke

- How old are you?  I’m 21

- Where are you from? I’m from Denmark

- What do you study and why? I study economics because I love Maths

- What do you like about Catalan culture? People is friendly and social

- Do you miss anything from your country? Family, friends and food

- Tell me one aspect that you like from your country and another that you don’t like. I like Christmas and I don’t like cold weather.

- When are you going to return at home? At the end of June

- How would you describe this school? With a very high English level

- Which is the most important difference between your city and this? People

- Are you enjoying this experience? Yes, A lot!

Thank you for your information Rikke!!!




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