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Dimarts, Febrer 3rd, 2009

 Working others subjects in English. A little bit of Mathematics and History.

(Treballem altres assignatures en anglès. Una mica de matemàtiques i història)



The Romans used symbols to represent numbers. They were able to create a system to express all numbers, from 1 to 1000.000 using only seven letters. We don’t count with Roman numbers now, but we see them everywhere. We use them on some clocks and watches, on posters, and sometimes on pictures and statues.In occidental Europe this system was substituted, for general uses, by Arabian numeration in the XIV century. 



  The symbols: 

Here are the symbols that the Romans used:I  means 1V means 5X means 10L means 50C means 100D means 500M means 1000They didn’t have a symbol for zero. 

  How to read Roman numbers:  

To read Roman numbers, add the symbols together. But be careful! When there is a small number before a big number, you subtract the small number from the big number.  



These are the works that we create to practice this unit 

“About me” 
I’m XI’ve got I brother
My brother is XX
My mother is XLVI
And my father is XLVIII
My grandmother is LXXXVI
We live at number XXXI Irelans Street
IV people live in my house
My doy is V
My birthday is on the XXII of April.



I like playing football with my cousins. They are IV and VI years old.My dad is XLIV and my mum is XXXIX, my oldest brother is XVI years old.On Saturdays I go to play basketball in “Les Comes” with some friends, and my brother too.


"My family and pets"
Hello teacher Assumpta I'm Oriol, I am X years old.
My father is Xavier, he's XLVI years old.
My mother is Gemma, she's XLIX years old. 
My grandpa is Ramon ad my grandma is Roser and Angelina.
Ramon is LXXXVI years old, Roser is LXXXIII years old.
Angelina is LXXXIII. My uncle Salvador is LIII years old,
and my auntie is Montserrat, she's LV years old.
She has a cat its name is Perlet and it is II years old, it's a crazy cat!.
I have a dog its name is Bac and it is VII years old.
She's got three kittens Bufona, Luna and Pruna. 



“About me” 
I'm X. My name's Marcel·la. my name has VIII letters.
I've got I brother and I sister.
My brother is XIV and my sister is XVII.
My mother and my father are XLIV.
I live at number VIII.
V people lives in my house.
My birthday is on the XXII of April.
My favourite number is II.
At VIII hours I get up.
At IX h I go to school.
At X-XI-XII-X h I stay in class:
At I-II-III h I have lunch.
At III-IV-V h I sat in class again.
At V-VI h i do homework.
At VI h I have tea.
At VII-VIII h I play.
At IX h I have dinner.
At X h I go to sleep.




My mum is XLIV years old, her birthday is on XXIII of May.
My dad is XLII years old, his birthday is on XV of August.
My brother Ivan is XXIII years old, his birthday is on XXVIII of October.
My brother Jose is XXII years old, his birthday is on X  of January.
My sister Mary is XXII years old, her birthday is on XXI of March.
My name is Mònica, I'm X years old , my birthday is on XXVIII of August.