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Diumenge, Desembre 1st, 2019


November it’s time for celebrating autumn landscapes. In Art classes we have been creating our autumn trees using different techniques and procedures.


The result has been spectacular, a wood of orange, brown and red colours. Different shapes and stampings.


Today, our trees adorn the walls of the school and we fell very excited about the work every time we pass by the side.


Have a look at them!!!








Click on the camera!





Dilluns, Abril 25th, 2016
It’s time for English! It’s time for theatre!

As every year we introduce our students in different types of activities to promote the oral comprehension of this language. One of our favourite outings is theatre.


This term we are preparing an interesting and well-known play called “The vain Little Mouse”. We’ve been working on the story of this tale and his main character the little mouse.


It’s really interesting! 


If you want to listen again the songs and the videos of the play click on the image bellow.


It’s English Time!

Dimarts, Novembre 19th, 2013




Practica anglès des de casa i repassa el que hem treballat a l'aula! Recorda que aquest curs ja ets la lletra…

Do you want to practice English? 
Here you are some activities to review what we’ve already worked in class!!!!
 Ask your parents for help and enjoy with the characters of Playschool! 
Learning is Fun!!!

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