Promoció 2008-2009

Theatre in English “Save the Planet”


On Friday  the students of  5th  and  6th  grade of  Primary went to the theatre Ateneu.  We watched a play, the name was “ SAVE THE PLANET ”.The story  started with Mr. Pollution.  He wanted to built a shopping center in a natural  park.  For that  reason, he wanted to cut the trees of the park.  Also, he wanted to contaminate the river.  Mean time, Laia and her friends were celebrating her  birthday.  Green woman gave a present to Laia.  The present was a magic blue ball.  The blue ball was magic because gave super powers. So they got super powers when they touched it.  With the super powers Laia and her friends won Mr. Pollution.So, the park wasn´t destroyed. In our opinion, the play was very funny.  Our favourite character was Laia.  
                                                                             Christine Alva Quiroz

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